Wireless and Wired Security Systems – What To Know

Wireless and Wired Security Systems - What To Know

We are always concerned about possible threats to our properties and homes, which is why we look for ways to protect our assets. Car thefts, home invasions, intrusions, and burglaries have made it mandatory for people to look for the best security options for their homes. 

When choosing security systems for homes, you will first, need to decide between wired or wireless security monitoringsystems, according to your specific requirements. 

Wireless Systems 

These are the most preferred ones for more complete home security, as they do not come with the hassle of installing wires and other such requirements around the house. These systems are easily transferable, easy to install, and can be upgraded without issues. 

Wired systems will transfer video footage onto a recorder, with wires or via Wi-Fi. The CCTV recorder is the only unit that requires a wired connection with the power system in the house. 

Wired Systems 

This is the ideal choice for covering large properties. The complete connection will be done via wires and everything will be connected with the help of different networks. The system units needed here are a recorder, cameras, and a router. These are connected with either a POE cable or a separate power cable.

The benefits of both wired and wireless systems vary from one user to another. However, one common benefit of both the systems is that they are easy to install and also to transfer. With the help of a mobile app, home owners can remotely keep an eye on their property via their smartphones.