Search Engine Optimization (SEO), combined with Social Media, can result in optimal business results

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), combined with Social Media, can result in optimal business results

Since the announcement that Facebook receives more traffic than Google, there has been much debate about whether Social Media Marketing (SMO) is better than Search Engine Optimization. There are many opinions on the internet supporting both sides of the debate. It is not surprising that there are passionate believers in each side. What most blogs fail to realize is that comparing Facebook and Google is like comparing apples with oranges.

Both are web giants. However, at this stage in web history, people use Google and Facebook differently. Facebook is the largest social media platform on the internet. It is used by people to connect with their family and friends, and also to post photos of their vacations. Google is the largest web-based information search engine. It is used by people to search for information that can be used to compare everything, from cell phones to solar panel to legal services, then to purchase them online.

Although Facebook is more popular than Google, it’s still a great marketing tool. However, Facebook wants to connect with their friends. When they log in, the goal is to not buy a product or service. Google searchers, however, are actively searching for information about products or services and reasons to purchase them. Google has a higher quality traffic for marketing purposes.

Does that mean businesses need to only use Search Engine Optimization? Not smm at all. It’s better to use both of them, as they are both constantly evolving. It’s important to keep up with their evolutions and adapt your marketing strategies accordingly.

Remember that each social media site has its own search function, so each one has its own search engine. Which site is the largest web search engine? And how can we optimize for them? Google is the answer.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is not limited to the relationship between a company’s main website and Google. SEO is about optimizing all places a business has an online presence — and being as visible as possible. Social Media has enhanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rather than reducing it. Optimizing every page, profile and video on social media sites is essential.

Social Media SEO is the best strategy to dominate search results pages (SERPs). Social media sites of any type are now appearing on the first page in Google’s search results. This includes Facebook pages as well as LinkedIn profiles. There are LinkedIn profiles, Flickr photos and Twitter tweets, as well as YouTube videos that share Google’s first webpage with traditional websites.

Each of these sites can help a business appear multiple times. Optimizing the company’s main site is important. It will still be visible in search engine results pages (SERPs), and can serve as a hub for social media profiles and pages.